Giving you the creepiest, scariest, sweetest and horrifying tales from the UK and beyond.

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My decision...

I've made up my mind, let's talk!
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Urgent Announcement

Urgent Announcement - What is the future of UKGS?
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Irish Chapter - Episode 20 - The Thin Arm

As I was getting into my car I heard a knock from above me. It was coming from my bedroom window...
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Episode 98 - Bob Lazar - Fact Or Fake?

This week we explore the widely known and disputed Bob Lazar
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Liverpool Chapter - Episode 25 - A Childs Perspective Towards The Paranormal

In this weeks episode my eldest daughter Phoebe has joined me. I will be reading child friendly ghost stories to get her opinion on them.
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Irish Chapter - Episode 19 - The Stalls of Barchester by M.R. James

A classic ghost story this week by acclaimed writer M.R. James about a priest in Southern England who takes over his diocese but his new home contains some unwelcome guests.
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Episode 97 - Real Estate Haunted House Stories

Stories from Real Estate Agents about selling Haunted Houses
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Liverpool Chapter - Episode 24 - The Abandonded Cottage

Following the article shared on our discussion group. I wanted to give my point of view on it after going myself to the cottage.
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Cumbria Chapter - Episode 9 - Cumbria Crack

Flex and Jordan Cumbria Crack
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Episode 96 - Dream Walking and London Ghost Stories

Dream Walking and London Ghost Stories
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Original Host

Being obsessed with all things supernatural from an early age, talk show legend Art Bell inspired me to create the podcast to talk about anything and everything strange...



Irish Chapter

Aaron was born and raised in Dublin, but currently resides in Scotland. Introduced to horror at a young age through things like the Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark? on Nick, this scary love affair grew with time and expanded to real world horror; tales of the supernatural. Raised with countless tales of Irish myth and legend, he is excited to share them with listeners of the UKGS Podcast.



Liverpool Chapter

Born and raised in Liverpool, Hayley has had her own experiences with the supernatural as well as wanting to share stories of Spirituality, Reincarnation, Crystals, Tribes and lots more!



Cumbria Chapter