Giving you the creepiest, scariest, sweetest and horrifying tales from the UK and beyond.

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Episode 55 - Planet X

Planet X, a topic that has cause some stir in the scientific community... is it out there? Will it bring death and descruction?
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Mini Episode 55 - Black Magic And Voodoo Curse - The Final Episode

Final episode of the mini episodes, covering a black magic story filled with death, haunted objects and voodoo curse
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Mini Episode 54 - The Tower of London

Creepy tales from the Tower of London!
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Mini Episode 53 - Lissan House

Jumping over to Haunted Ireland next! Creepy!
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Irish Chapter - Episode 12 - The Priest's Light

Have you ever felt lost, even somewhere you know very well? That's what happens to the two young men in this episode... Join us as we explore the strange phenomenon of The Priest's Light!
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Mini Episode 52 - Hermitage Castle

Hermitage Castle...very weird...
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Mini Episode 51 - The Midlands - Hayfield, Derbyshire

Wrapping up the mini episodes! Hayfield in Derbyshire and... mermaids?
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Episode 54 - Science explains Monster Sightings

Scientific responses to supposed monster sightings...
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Mini Episode 50 - End of the Mini Episodes, The Three Crowns, The Watermans Arms

The Three Crowns, The Watermans Arms all in this weeks episode
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Mini Episode - 49 - The New Inn And Okehampton Castle

Some more strange ghostly stories from Devon!
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Original Host

Being obsessed with all things supernatural from an early age, talk show legend Art Bell inspired me to create the podcast to talk about anything and everything strange...



Irish Chapter

Aaron was born and raised in Dublin, but currently resides in Scotland. Introduced to horror at a young age through things like the Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark? on Nick, this scary love affair grew with time and expanded to real world horror; tales of the supernatural. Raised with countless tales of Irish myth and legend, he is excited to share them with listeners of the UKGS Podcast.



Liverpool Chapter

Born and raised in Liverpool, Hayley has had her own experiences with the supernatural as well as wanting to share stories of Spirituality, Reincarnation, Crystals, Tribes and lots more!



Cumbria Chapter